Challand Art has 14 Land Art works created along the track which, from Villa lake, in Challand-Saint-Victor, goes till Barmata, a little village close to Arlaz Pass.

Each art work is realised using natural materials, mostly from the same forest or inside the Challand-Saint-Victor municipality territory.

The artists are all from Patta Libra association.


… and if I would have gills, I won’t have borders any more


Building it…

The first art work created in Challand Art is a big trout, as a symbol for the Villa Lake Natural Reserve, close to the eco-track.

The artist who thought the art work is Marco Della Valle.

The fish is built through the binding technique of wood and iron strings. The wood has been taken directly by the artists in the forest and ais from the species of  ash (Fraxinus excelsior), chestnut (Castanea sativa) and wild cherry (Prunus avium).

The building of the art work lasted almost 4 months.


“Achab” finished!


It begins where it ends… and then we imagine the contrary


Building it…

Following the track, above Achab, we can find the second art work, Matrix, sited in the forest in a little clearing just before the only steep ascent of the track.

Matrix is a big vortex, originated from a reel from which starts a “string” of liana.

The materials used are wood, iron and plants of Clematis vitalba, infesting species, parasite of other plants, with big diffusion on the territory.

The structure is in wood and iron, but all the rest o f the art work is liana, bound in big bundles which create, with a spiral, a 2 metres high and 7 metres long vortex.


“Matrix” finished!

"26 SETTEMBRE 1944"

107 fiori ai ragazzi che sognavano la libertà...


Building it…

This “impact” art work is made up by 107 wood and coloured flowers, held up by iron “stems”. The flowers are at the end of the staircase which lead to the panoramic place, in the last part of the ascent.

Although the most part of the art work is focused in this area, you can see big coloured flowers also… from other points of view! Up to you to discover them….


“26 settembre 1944” finished!



Building it…

The fourth artwork of Challand Art is a big leaves flow.

The leaves weave together among the rocks, through the ascent which leads to the artwork “26 september 1944”.

Passing inside of the flow feels like being inside a big “leaves snake” which comes down from the mountain.

Following the snake, you’ll pass the steepest part of the path without realising the effort!


“Flusso” finished!




Geogenesi is an artwork built entirely with stones. The pack basket from which they come out, represents the start of the human settlement in the nature, which continues with the anthropisation of the places and the use of the nature for human purposes. The stones flow ends symbolising the human abandon of the territory.

The artcraft makes you to meditate on what was used by human people in nature ages and centuries ago that now is abandoned. With an hope of reactivation of the past work.

DSC_0023 (2)

genesi !


Lavori in corso 4

Building it…

A big heap of wood surrounds a pine plant, as protecting it.

The pine represents the wisdom and the longevity, the old and wise people, the ancient knowledge which we can’t abandon but we have to preserve.

The rigidity of the wood creates sinuosity: a wave.


Imbalance finished !


Boite a terroir-2

From one side…

Boite a terroir” is made up of three big cubes of different sizes, in wood, mainly in chestnut. They are spread in the forest, in a beautiful and calm clearing, where you feel to go inside a little “imaginary” world in which the geometrical shapes melt with trees and earth.

Boite a terroir is an artcraft of “unordered geometry”, which gives a beautiful instant of stop for people who would like to walk there and discover it.

Boite a terroir-1

…and the other !


pendules 1

La ballade des pendules

Wood pendulums which dance among high and slim pines, “La ballade des pendules” is a suspended artcraft.

The afternoon is the best situation to see it, because there’s always a soft breeze that makes the pendulums and the pines move, creating a real wood dance.

A net among the trees keeps the chestnut segments which form the “pendules”.

A magic that you can’t loose!

La ballade des pendules

La ballade des pendules


alba matite 1

Building it …

Coloured pencils for forest artists: an island with multicoloured tones which makes children dream but which has to make adults think about the “night of broken pencils”.

18 pencils with different forms and sizes, put in a circolar way around a big pine.

A sunny place coloured by artists!

alba matite 2

… finished!


truc serge 1

Building it …

As a gift for a Friend, who has contributed to this artcraft.

Dedicated to the power of a place and of the stone located in it.

A big monolith and a door to present it to the wayfarers. An artcraft made by stones, born from a natural power.

truc serge 2

… finished!


regina di cuore 1

Building it …

A bee which looks for a place for its hive. A big responsibility, just for a brave and good heart.

The queen who doesn’t lead, but loves, fights and finds a way for all her family which has ever followed and maintained her.

Pieces of wood as bees, in a big swarm, pulled by a coloured bee.

regina di cuore 2

… finished!


jardin 1

Building it …

River stones as forest souls… A stone crowd which starts from the earth and comes from above.

An artcraft with Mont Avic and its majesty in the background.

jardin 2

… finished!