All the hikes proposed are of “E” type, so, in Italy, normal trekking.

We have no hike with alpinistic difficulties (use of rope, harness, crampons or other technical materials).

We propose trekking and adventures for every season and every forecast!

Daily hikes – The “unknown” Ayas Valley...


Tour of the two valleys

A ring between the high Ayas Valley and the huge Matterhorn Valley


Time of hiking (go and back) 7 hours


Tour of the magical Valley

People call it the “pleasent valley”, or the Paradise Valley… you’ll discover it with us but with your eyes!


Time of hiking (go and back) 3.30 hours


Ring of Bringuez lake and Pacard falls

One upon a time these places above Brusson where populated. Now we’ll see how the nature, the wild animals and the mountain smells are the uncontested owners.


Time of hiking (go and back) 5 hours

Cleva di MOulaz (1)

“Cleva di Moulaz” ring

An itinerary on the old shepherd tracks, now forgotten by (almost) everyone. In two of the wildest valleys of Ayas Valley.


Time of hiking (go and back) 6.30 hours

Val d'Ayas

Chasten Valley ring

The Chasten big valley: unknown, huge, wonderful. We’ll go to discover its tracks!


Time of hiking (go and back) 5.30 hours

San Grato colle Dondeuil (14)

Dondeuil valley and San Grato valley traversee

On the Walser tracks, between Challand Saint Victor and Issime.


Time of hiking (go and back) 5 hours

Daily hikes – The “classic” Ayas Valley

Lago Lochien

Lochien Lake ring

We’ll go to discover the “best place of world”, in the high Ayas Valley


Time of hiking (go and back) 4 hours

Colle Perrin (6)

Lake Perrin ring

In the big valleys of Mascognaz and Cuneaz, among the high Ayas Valley Walser villages


Time of hiking (go and back) 5.30 hours

Palon di resi (5)

Palon di Resy and Resy lakes hike

To enjoy the Monte Rosa Glacier in its huge beauty!


Time of hiking (go and back) 5.30 hours


“Punta Regina” and its lake hike

On the old trade way between Brusson Valley and Gressoney Valley, among meadows and hidden lakes.


Time of hiking (go and back) 3.30 hours

Tour of Bechaz Gold Mines and “Testa di Comagna”

To discover the miners work and to see the wonderful view on all the Aosta Valley on the top of the mountain, walking among chamois.


Time of hiking (go and back) 4 hours


Discovering Challand Saint Victor and the Lake Villa natural reserve

Hike in the “Challant” land, among forests, castles, lakes, passes and… land art artworks in the wood!


Time of hiking (go and back) 3 hours

One or multi days hikes – Itineraries in Natural Parks of Aosta Valley


Gran Paradiso Natural Park

Two days in Paradise:

A ring among Alpine ibex, chamois and marmots, with the night in the charm of the mountain hut!


Cima Panaz1 (3)

Mont Avic regional Park

Two days among the lakes

The huge world of the lakes: Mont Avic park, a different world, and you’ll be enchanted by its places. Two days tour with one night in Barbustel mountain hut.


Hike to Pana peak

A mountain unknown for mostly of the people, for us a jewel all to discover!


All the hikes proposed can be varied according to your requests and to everyone different demands.

Contact us, and we’ll find the best hike for you!

Equipment needed for our trekking adventures:

  • Trekking boots
  • K-way
  • Anorak
  • Sunglasses
  • Rackets (suggeste)
  • Rucksack
  • Water
  • Snack
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