Have you ever tried to immerse yourself in a yoga practice in full connection with the nature?

Practicing yoga surrounded by nature amplifies even further the great benefits offered by this ancient discipline. The whole of our being gets positively impacted: our body, mind and soul.

Whether you are on some green upland, the shores of a lake, embraced by pine trees, at the foothill of a majestic mountain, or in the company of a stream’s gurgle, thanks to the practice of yoga in nature, you’ll be able to begin a surprising journey within yourself.
You’ll be able to perceive the great vital energy (prana) flowing within you and become more aware of your deep sensations, for a full connection with your most authentic Self.

This practice is suitable to everybody’s needs and previous experience, both beginners who are discovering the path of yoga and expert yogis as well. Each session includes breathing exercises (pranayama), physical practice (asana), meditation and a final relaxation.

Let our yoga teacher, Silvia, guide you: in group sessions, during morning and evening time, and, if you feel the need for a more customized class, feel free to ask! Silvia will be able to offer you yoga theraphy sessions too, completely focused on your needs and desires. 😉

Then, what are you waiting for?! We are waiting for you on the mat!